Justin Bieber kissing Selena Gomez 2011

They’ve used every cliché in the book, describing each other as “family”, “best friends” and “great” people – anything to avoid confirming a relationship. But Selena Gomez and Justin Bieber let actions speak louder than words (again) Sunday night when they turned up together at Vanity Fair’s post-Oscars bash. Gomez, in a red Grecian gown by Dolce & Gabbana, and Bieber, in a black tux – with a

Justin Bieber's mom and dad feuding over his fame and fortune

Justin Bieber At Centre Of Family Feud? Apparently his mum & dad are "at loggerheads" over the Biebster...

Justin Bieber's parents are allegedly "at war" over the teenagers fame and fortune.

According to The Mirror, JB's mother Pattie Mallette and his dad Jeremy Bieber are "at loggerheads", with their feud apparently "tearing" the Baby singer apart.

Pattie, who fell pregnant with Justin aged

Justin Bieber - BORN TO BE SOMEBODY [ Karaoke ]

The Justin Bieber Shrine on Facebook

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Some of you probably noticed that it's disappeared. To make a long story short, the page has been deleted and we are in the process of restoring it. I don't know if it is possible to restore but in the meantime I have set up a new one.

Please rejoin if you were a fan before and if you're new then come join us for Bieber updates

Justin Bieber featuring Tyga – Stuck In The Moment Remix [Lyrics with Music]

Justin Bieber ft Tyga – Stuck In The Moment Lyrics[Intro]
With you
With you
I wish we had another time
I wish we had another place

Ugh, this is kinda how my heart sounds
Every beat like a image in the background
I’m sitting here, thinking where is you now
I wanna tell you but there’s too many people round
You know I love you. I care but it’s unfair
I aint perfect but I’m tryna be the

Justin Bieber CSI Feb 17, 2010 (watch full episode)

The Justin Bieber Shrine is moving

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Glee - Baby [Justin Bieber official cover]

Chord Overstreet & Kevin McHale (Sam & Artie) sing Justin Bieber's song 'Baby' in Season 2, Episode 13 of 'Glee' titled 'Comeback'.

Justin Bieber featuring Chris Brown - UP Remix [Lyrics with Music]

Justin Bieber featuring Chris Brown - UP Remix [Lyrics with Music]

[Justin Bieber]
It's a big big world
It's easy to get lost in it
You've always been my girl
And I'm not ready to call it quits

We make the sun shine in the moon light
We can make the gray clouds to the blue skies
I know it's hard
Baby believe in me
That we can't go

Nowhere but up
From here
My dear
Baby we can go nowhere but

Cosplay Cafe - MeiDolls

Almost all cosplay conventions during the past months have its unique maid cafe, like ozine fest, otaku expo, iaianime, and mega con butlers.

MeiDolls Cafe on ntdtv - China

Other than Japan, Cosplay restaurant is not a new already world wide. However, this time Philippines got its growing anime cosplay popularity into reality business.
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Justin Bieber shaved head on Jimmy Kimmel Feb 10, 2011

What do you think of Bald Bieber? I personally dont think it suits him, but he does need a haircut for a change =)

Which means, of course this is fake. Justin wouldnt really let someone cut off all of his hair, more less Jimmy Kimmel! LOL
I dont think bald would be his thing but something different might be interesting ;)

Would you like Justin Bieber Bald? Do you think he would still look good

Alodia Gosiengfiao Old Cosplay Photo

Year back in 2003, A nice photo of Alodia Gosiengfiao, Ashley Gosiengfiao and a friend in the middle.
Alodia gosiengfiao 2003 photo
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Justin Bieber - Dr Bieber [Lyrics with Music]

Justin Bieber – Dr. Bieber Lyrics

Cure the bieber fever

Dr. Bieber
Dr. Bieber
Doc doc doc Dr. Bieber

Bieber fever is spreading across the country (Dr. Bieber)
Wet world, No universe
Bieber fever is rapidly spreading
It is uncurable, I repeat,
It is uncurable

Dr. Bieber

[Chorus x2]
Dr. Bieber
Doc doc Dr. Bieber
Dr. Bieber
Doc doc Dr. Bieber
Cure the fever,
Cur cur cure the fever
Cur Cure

Justin Bieber on Saturday Night Live (SNL) Feb 5, 2011

Justin Bieber made a special appearance during fellow Canadian Dana Carvey's return to SNL in one of his famous Church Lady skits on Feb 5, 2011.

Justin Bieber - Born To Be Somebody [Lyrics with music]

Justin Bieber - Born To Be Somebody [Lyrics with music]

There's a dream in my soul,
a fire that's deep inside me,
there's a me no one knows me,
waitin' to be set free,
i'm gonna see that day
i can feel it, i can taste it,
change is coming my way,
i was born to be somebody,
ain't nothing ever gonna stop me
i'll light up the sky like lighting,
i'm gonna rise above,
show 'em what i'm made of,

Justin Bieber on The Daily Show with Jon Stewart Feb 3, 2011

The publicity machine moves on. Justin stopped by The Daily Show to do an opening skit with Jon Stewart.

Goodness his voice! O_O

Kawaii Anime Cats-lolcats

Cat is the cutest lovable pet in anime and in the real world.
Is it true that cats really have nine lives?


Alodia Gosiengfiao Cosplay as a Neko. So Kawaii.
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